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She’s So Organized: Organizing DVDs and Games

In my household DVDs and games are an endless growing collection with three boys (husband included), especially with three gaming consoles and a 2 1/2 year old that loves to watch his moovies! About a year ago, DVDs and games in my house were scattered in multiple rooms of the house; in multiple baskets/bins, behind the TV and stuffed in drawers.  After having to look at the stack of DVDs and games behind the TV and after so many questions asking “Where is?” I decided this was an organization project I had to tackle head on.  I began to dread this project as I just knew it was going to either cost me a lot of time or money.  Ultimately this project actually ended up being one of my favorite projects because it was so simple and had such great rewards!

I started my journey by exploring multiple options;  purchasing a large expensive DVD/CD furniture case, plastic containers, or maybe just throwing them away (my husband wouldn’t notice right)?  After doing hours of research for furniture or products that would solve all my organizational problems I had my great epiphany.  Why was I going to buy expensive furniture that we didn’t have room for to basically store containers that held our DVDs and games.  I always just assumed I needed those cases for some reason, but I couldn’t find one reason why.  I do realize for collectible DVDs/Games you might want to keep these cases but for the majority there really isn’t a reason.  So after my great epiphany, I began my DVD/game organizing project by ordering five binders for our DVDs and games; one for Adult DVDs, Kid DVDs, and 3 for each gaming console (so they could be stored where the gaming console is located).  Below are the binders I ordered from Amazon.

I removed all the DVDs and games out of their cases and sorted into their appropriate binder, I also stored any booklets that came with them inside the binder as well.  And for those great cases that caused me so much grief, well they all went straight to the trash!  This organizational project only took me a couple hours and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Besides not having to look at those ugly DVD/game cases anymore, an extra plus has been the convenience factor.  If we go on vacation or kids go to grandparents, just grab the binder and go.  Also if we need a movie we want to watch downstairs, again just grab the binder and go.  Hope this small but so rewarding tip helps you along your organizational journey!  I’d love to hear about any other creative ways that you use to store your DVDS or games.


One Response

  1. Katherine,

    That was very timely. I sold the electronic equipment and was debating on what to do with all the CD’s in the CD player as well as my DVD’s. I jumped in the car this morning (sort a jumped!) and got those organizers!


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