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She’s So Organized: Organizing Closets

Spending a few hours of your day cleaning out a closet may not seem like an exciting way to spend your free time, but it can ultimately be one of the most rewarding places to start when organizing.

Many of us tend to dread opening up our closets only to see the endless stuff crammed into them. Once we have rummaged through the endless junk and found that essential item we most often close the door as fast as possible and try to pretend it doesn’t exist. Unfortunately the next time we walk by or need to open that door again we are haunted by those items in our closets. So here are some helpful tips I put together to help exorcise those haunted closets.

1) Assign your closet a role. Will the closet be a place to hold clothes or a place to store linens and medicines? Once this decision is made you can start to remove everything out of the closet. Put into four different piles; Purge, Give Away, Move or Stay. After the items have been sorted review the items in the stay pile.

2) Ask yourself if there is enough room in your closet to store these items in an accessible manner? If not, you may want to review the items again (purge until it fits!) or if you have assigned multiple roles to the closet designate another closet or area to that role. If you assigned your closet to be the place to store your gift wrap, crafts and less frequently used clothes; you may want to think of moving your less frequently used clothes to another area. There is no point to organizing a closet if you can not see or access your items.

3) Start looking a products that would help to make these items easier to access. Do not buy your products until after you have done the purge process. You don’t know what you need until you know what you have. I know shopping can be the most exciting part of organizing but pointless if you do it too soon. Too many times I thought I knew what organizing products I needed and ultimately ended up having to return them or giving them away because they just didn’t work with the items I had. A good place to start is looking at the insides of your closet first. Could your closet use new shelving to maximize space? How about the door, can you put shelving to help organize items there as well? Of course once you have your items and space designated there are a wide range of products designed to help you get organized. Stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target and Container Store have great products for organizing closets.

Now that you have the items you need and the products, start organizing. Once you are finished, you will amazed how much you will love opening your closet door!


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