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She’s So Organized: Medication List

I have asked a friend of mine, Jill Beaty to be a guest writer on “She’s So Organized” blog today.  Jill is extremely organized and always has great organization tips.  Below is one tip that can always help with those fun visits to the doctor!

“What medications are you currently taking?”

We’ve all done it:  responded to that question with a blank stare, an “uhhhhhh,” and then it comes to us!  We gleefully shout, “Vitamin C!”

Then comes the second question:  “What strength?”

Blank stare…uhhhhhhhh.

My memory is pretty good, but because I take several medications for allergies and whatnot, as well as several vitamins, I have a hard time keeping track of all of them for annual checkups.  So, I created a list on my computer in a table format that has the following columns:

Medication Strength Dosage For

A few sample entries looks like this:

Medication Strength Dosage For
Calcium plus Vitamin D 600 mg 2 pills, once a day (AM) General health
Advair 100/50 mcg 1 puff, once a day (AM) Allergies, asthma

I also put notes at the top that would be important for my doctor, such as “Because I’m on allergy shots, I can’t have beta blockers.”

I ensure that before I go to any doctor appointment, I verify and update this list and print it for my patient file.  I can’t tell you how many times I get an incredulous look, and big smile, and a “Wow, this is great!  I wish all my patients did this!”

A list like this not only keeps your medications/supplements straight, it helps your doctor to determine if you might have any drug interactions with anything he or she may prescribe.

No more blank stare…no more uhhhhh…just an organized you!

Thanks for sharing your tips Jill, I know I have had that blank stare too many times! Of course, now that I have kids it is harder to remember not only just my current medications but theirs as well.  Also, my memory has never been good and has only gotten worse after kids.  I honestly have thought to myself many times “They honestly expect me to remember all that?”.

After reading Jill’s great tip it got me thinking could there be an App for that?  And of course the answer is YES!  I’m always excited about finding new technology to help automate my life 🙂 and the App iRXHelper is one that I have found to help.  It not only keeps track of what medications you are using, the dosage and type but also reminds you when you need to get a refill.  Ahhh….I sooooooo love that!  Hopefully no more blank stares at the doctor for me either.


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