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She’s So Organized: Products I Love!!

One of my favorite things about organization is being creative and finding new solutions to staying organized.  Unfortunately this also includes having to shop ;). I have put down a few of my favorite organization solutions that I have found over the years that I don’t know how I lived without.  I hope some of them inspire your creative side or help you find a solution to your organizational challenges.

This product is so simple yet so effective in organizing. No more storing DVD, CDs or game cases... DVDs, games and CDs are easy to access in separate binders. I have a separate binder per category broken out by Kid DVDs, Adult DVDS, and XBox Games. I no longer have to figure out where to store all those awful plastic cases, YEAH!!!

So technically it is designed to be used to store formula, snacks and baby food on the go. But this product can be used for so much more! I use it in my pantry to store all my baking decorations together and I have one upstairs that stores all my small hair clips and bands. It could also be used to store rubber bands, paper clips, medicines. I am obsessed over this product, I constantly think about new ways I can use it to stay organized.

Command Hooks are the best invention since ok I'm going to say it sliced bread! I have these all over my house to hang up purses, jackets, robes....just about anything you can possibly think that needs to be hung up I have a command hook for. They are wonderful little tools that don't cost a fortune , and they are cheap and reusable. So if you decide you don't like the location you can move the hook without destroying your house and place it somewhere else.

I love this product from IKEA for organization! It offers so many endless possibilities when organizing. I currently use it to store all my gift wrapping and craft supplies and also use one in our media room to store Gaming controllers, DVDs and Games. Although it can be used for so much more. It would be great to store kids craft projects, puzzles, art supplies, magazines and of course any type of files.


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