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She’s So Organized: Conquer Catalogs and Magazines

Magazines and catalogs can make even some of the most organized people insane, they can take over your home and if you are anything like me drive you absolutely crazy!  I’ve struggled for years to manage the hundreds of catalogs and magazines we had in our house and spent way to much time and money trying to find solutions to hide them.  My husband is a bit of a reader,  ok that is a bit of an understatement.  Below are some tips that I personally use to conquer the catalog and magazine clutter.

1) Divide and conquer – When you get the magazines and catalogs or magazines from your mailbox,  immediately recycle the ones you don’t want.  Put the ones you are keeping in an accessible bin or basket designated for the incoming magazines and catalogs.

2) One comes in at least one goes out – Once a week take the magazines or catalogs from the designated bin and replace (recycle) them with the old ones.

If you keep up with this at least once a week it doesn’t become a chore and its not so overwhelming. Trust me!

3) Rip out articles – After you are done reading,  rip out the articles you like and put them into a personal notebook with sheet covers, and recycle the magazine.  A lot of times we end up keeping magazines because we like a couple articles and most of the time we forget about those articles and never see them again.  If you keep them in a folder, that important article doesn’t get lost and you don’t have to worry about storing the magazine.

4) Go Paperless – We have a huge advantage today, we have this wonderful thing called technology.  Most Magazines are now available online or through tablet applications which will allow you to save money, trees, space and your sanity.  In our home, we have been able to eliminate all of our subscription magazines (which was around 12!) by using the iPad.  We also get all of our newspapers this way as well.  This wonderful tool has brought so much peace to my home  :).

Hope these tips help and bring a little peace to your home as well.


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