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She’s So Organized: The Art of Labeling

Being organized is very helpful but without the help of labels, you may know where everything is but no one else has any clue.  Labeling provides people in your household as well as people outside your household direction.  It helps limit the number of “Where is?? ” and helps others put things back where they belong (which can be huge!).  I admit I have a problem, I am a bit of a label addict…ok maybe extreme.  The other day my husband mentioned that he could clearly see the push pins in the draw, and asked me if it was really necessary to label them. Of course my response is Absolutely!!  You don’t have to label everything in your house like me, but think of some of the big things that would really save time in your household if you labeled.  For example, maybe a cubby for your family’s shoes, toys that need to be grouped together, drawers or bins which items are hidden from view or to high to see inside.  Labels are quick, easy tools to save you time and a lot of headaches.

I know sometimes the thought of labeling can sometimes be a little blah…but labels don’t have to be boring looking.  You can make labels more interesting and bring out a little of your creative side.  I have been able to find a lot of ways to make labels more visually stimulating with just using some simple tools (index cards, scrapbook paper, a scalloped punch, ribbon, and some binder clips) around the house.  I plan on posting these examples to the site this week, but until then have fun labeling!

In regards to my addiction, I plan on working on it.  It is one day at a time! 🙂


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