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She’s So Organized: My best friend Amazon.com

A large part of staying organized is time management and one of my biggest assets recently to saving time is my best friend Amazon.com. Working full-time and having two boys (three if you count my husband :)) at home I am all about saving time and energy!  We are avid users of Amazon.com, to the point where we probably get at least 2-3 shipments in a week.  I’m sure the UPS driver loves us!!  We order all of our paper supplies (paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags etc..) and receive 15% off and free shipping through their subscribe and save program.  This allows me to get all the supplies I need on a recurring basis, for cheaper than I can find it in stores without ever having to go to the store (LOVE THAT!).

I also found out that if you are a Mom and need diapers and wipes, signing up for Amazon Mom (which is free) gets you free shipping for the first three months plus 30% off diapers.  Also, as along as you spend $25  in baby products per month allows you to keep the free shipping for up to a year.  Of course, if you are needing diapers like we do there is no problem with that.  Another thing I found out was if you are a subscriber of Parenting.com, most issues now have a 20% off coupon or this month’s had $10 off, so I’ve been able to save 50% off diapers.  I have done a lot of research and Amazon.com is extremely reasonable on their diapers before these discounts and they deliver!
Another great tool that Amazon.com offers is the Universal Wish List.  This is a plug in to your Browser tool bar which allows you to add any item you find on any website to their Universal Wish List.  Now I have one Wish list on Amazon.com which keeps track off all my “wishes” from multiple sites.  So rather than 50 different wish lists on 50 different sites I have one list that I can reference back to.  Making my life more organized :).


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