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She’s So Organized: Think Outside the Box

There are a lot of products out there made specifically for meeting an organizational purpose but for a lot of reasons (not enough space, too expensive, etc..) they may not meet your personal organizing needs.  You don’t need to be limited to just “organizational” products or what a product says it can organize.  I have found a lot of products out there that aren’t designed for a specific need but work much better or are cheaper than the products designed. The next time you look for something to say organize your jewelry, your gift wrap, or say ties….challenge yourself to think outside the box.  Just because it doesn’t say it is designed to fit your organizational need(s) doesn’t mean it won’t work!

Below are some examples:

1) Ribbon rolls: Use a sock drawer organizer or don’t have much space, use an over the door shoe organizer.

2) Hair and makeup brushes: Use a tool or silverware caddy, there are some very nice silverware caddys out there that are nice enough to leave displayed on your counter top. Below is one that I use to organize my cosmetic brushes, hair brushes and skin care.

3) Craft Organizer: I saw in a magazine the other day for a craft organizer someone used a “Bucket Bag Organizer” found at most hardware stores to store their gift wrap and tools.  They used the bucket to store all their gift wrap and the pockets under the bucket to store their scissors, tape, ribbon, etc..  Love it!! You could also use these for storing kids craft projects.

4) Scarves, hat and gloves: If you are limited on room to store your scarves, gloves and hats use an over the door shoe organizer or one that hangs on the  rack.  Hang it in a closet close to where your family leaves, this is great for easy access so you can put them on right before you leave and when you get home they go right back.   The over the door shoe organizer is a great  product that can work for organizing a variety of things.

5) Jewelry: I have seen a lot of articles using decorative bulletin boards which are great for displaying and organizing your jewelry.  If you don’t care about displaying your jewelry boxes and just need a way to neatly organize your jewelry; tackle boxes,  small craft organizers, or tool boxes can work great to organize your small jewelry.

Have fun and always think outside the box!


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