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She’s So Organized: The Feared Storage Area

This year I was finally able to put my Christmas items away easily and stress free, which in years past was definitely not the case.  Usually I would spend hours sorting through baskets and bins trying to figure out where things went and having to step over or move items that were in my way.

I decided to blog today on tips to establishing organization in one of the toughest areas (at least it was for me).  After months of dealing with a storage area that I could barely walk into and definitely couldn’t find anything because everything had just been thrown in for “later” organizing.  One day I finally had enough and could no longer look at this disaster area and I began the nightmare of sifting through the clutter.  Of course once I started, I began to feel overwhelmed and started stressing that I had started something I wouldn’t be able to finish.  Once I began to feel overwhelmed I focused on what I ultimately wanted to accomplish and started to visualize what the room would look like and how I would feel without the clutter. Unfortunately it did take me longer than I hoped but the end results were very satisfying for me and my husband.  My husband even commented on how he actually enjoyed going in there, which of course made it worth the hard work!

Below are some of the tips I found to be helpful.

1)  The first step in clearing out any room that is extremely cluttered (like this area was) is to focus on one thing at a time. If not it can become too overwhelming and you become so overwhelmed you just quit.  Also, don’t always expect to get it all done in a couple hours, a day or even a week depending on how much you have to sort through. For some jobs, like this it can take a while especially if it is done right but the rewards can be well worth it plus it doesn’t have to be cleaned out again if done right.

2) Focus on what we you could throw away and give away and remove these items out of the room and out of your site…they just take up room that you need to move and to organize

3) Determine what items could be moved to another room, garage or attic space ?  Again move these items out the room and out of your site….the less clutter the less likely to get frustrated and quit.

4) Clear smaller out items off the floor and put into bins for later sorting into categorized bins

5)  Hang as much of the large items off the floor or place leaning up, make sure to leave space for your bins that will store the smaller items such as holiday decor, memories, sports items, etc…

6) Determine how many bins you will be able to store, don’t go to the maximum because you will need to make sure you have room for new bins.  You may have to clean out more items if you are not able to fit everything . Determine a category for each bin based on the stuff you need to store and number of bins, you may need to consolidate two categories. Make sure to label each bin very clearly with the category name or names, so that you and others can easily identify where items are. This will also help you to stay organized in the future.

7) Purchase and put up shelving like the ones below, these are great for Storage Areas (if you have room) to hold the determined number of storage bins.  Shelving allows you to see your bins and easily get to your items, like the one below.

If not I recommend purchasing storage bins with wheels that stack together.  This makes it much easier to access.  Storage Bins should be clear if at all possible and I like to have color coded ones for holiday items which makes them easy to identify.


I hope this helps!


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