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She’s So Organized: Leveraging Technology for Organization

I have found technology to be one of the most useful tools to staying organized.  Being part of the IT world for the past 10 years I have been exposed to the many advantages of technology and have always been fascinated by it.  Although, none has grasped my interest as much as the smart phone and the endless possibilities it has to make my life easier.  If you own a smart phone this can be one of your major assests in staying organized.  No more writing grocery lists on a notepad every week and forgetting it at home or having your To Do List lost in an endless pile of paper or not having that important email on your computer at home.  I honestly can say I am in LOVE with my phone!  It is no longer just a device to call but my personal organization assistant that reminds me of my appointments, birthdays and anniversaries and those many to do items that have to get done today.

One of my favorite applications that keeps me organized is the Grocery App (GroceryIQ).   It has dramatically reduced my time in creating my grocery list every week, reduced my time in half when shopping for groceries (sorts all your items by aisle and you can customize to your grocery store) and preventing me from ever forgetting my list (can’t tell you how many times this has happened 🙂 )

It also has the ability to sync with other phones, which makes it great when I need my husband to pick up the items on the list instead of me.  Also, no need to get a call asking  “Where do I find the Sugar???” because it already tells him!

The one bad thing to the smart phone though is if I lost it….I  would be lost!


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