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Toys, Toys and More Toys!!

Happy New Year!  So after a wonderful Christmas with my husband,  two year old and four month old I’ve been now challenged with the question “Where in the world am I going to put all these new toys?”.  This Christmas brought on the joy of enjoying Christmas with our two sons, but it also brought on the joy of realizing we now have more toys and no where to put them. Of course, to my two year old son this in no way is a problem as he now has twice the new toys he had last year!

So this is what our family room looked like at Christmas…..

Christmas Mess

I personally like having a family room that feels like a family room and not a room overwhelmed with toys.  Of course I also know that my sons need to be able to play and have easy access to their toys while we spend time in the family room.  So the challenge is on and below are some of the steps I used to sort through the chaos of toys.

1) Are their toys that they don’t use as often that can be moved to either their rooms or another room?

2) Is there any old toys that can be thrown away or donated?

3) What new toys would be appropriate to have in the family room that would not cause extreme damage or major disturbances say if watching TV. I keep a pad of paper and markers around in the family room, but only the kind that the marker draws on the paper and can not damage the couch or rugs.   I’m not one of those people that keeps my couches covered in plastic and I do recognize there will be things that will get damaged (especially with two boys), but I also would like to keep damage to a minimal if at all possible.  Another consideration is what new toys could possibly be really annoying and you may not want to have around all the time?  Make sure you consider toys that will keep children stimulated at the same time.

4) Store some of the new toys and older toys away.  Rotate the toys throughout the year, its amazing what they become bored with after a while and a toy they hardly played with earlier now is like a new toy!

Below are some of the products I will be using to organize our family room.

Easy access to toys for little ones, yet looks like it belongs in the family room

Great for a place to draw, play trains, maybe even eat lunch! Great because you can just dump everything in to the bins and it looks like a nice coffee table

Use a variety of these large and small to store some of the large toys or toys that can get buried. I chose not to get the small ones personalized as I like to have it flexible to switch out their use. I'm going to either make some labels or use chalkboard labels.

These are great for storing very small items, like small matchbox cars and planes


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